Investigations and reportage

With a background in journalism, I do also work as a reporter, usually in cross-border teams, contributing to research, investigation, and writing. 

I wrote and published long form features and investigations for Der SpiegelOCCRP, The Guardian, Millennium FQ, El Paìs, Al Jazeera, Geographical, FiftyTwo, and others.

The Price of Oil
A year-long investigation supported by the Journalism Fund on international oil companies and the ecocide in Iraq
Trapped by the debts
Cross-border investigation, supported by Journalismfund Europe on Punjabi Workers lured into trafficking and exploited in Italy. Awarded Premio Bonfanti 2023.
UnJust Transition
An OCCRP investigation on a Bulgarian Coal Magnate’s Plants May Have Saved Around 30M Euros by Under-Declaring Emissions.
The Frontex Files
Cross border investigation, awarded by IJ4EU, on the EU border agency drone surveillance and its secret lobbying activities.
The Syrian women and girls sold into sexual slavery in Leban
An investigation published by Al Jazeera and awarded by the Media Award on how trafficking victims are treated as criminals.
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