I hear your silence

An intimate portrait of Queer activists in the MENA Region (2018 - ongoing) 

f you are born by the sea, no storm can defeat you. That’s what a Lebanese queer activist, Margo, was taught by her father as a kid. The decision to live true to themselves is forcing queer activists in the Southern Mediterranean region to face countless storms. Yet, this is not holding them back from dreaming, imagining and fighting for equal rights.

This project aims at building an intimate and collective portrait of the people whose complex experience is too often denied by a Westernised narrative that sees them as victims whose only hope is abroad. In fact, despite the repression, queer activists are reclaiming public spaces and triggering a larger change in their own communities.

A lot of time seems to have passed since 2017, when a group of activists - as part of a campaign to counter toxic masculinity and homophobia - draw a graffiti portraying two man hugging which reads “I hear your silence”: their voice is now louder than never. And the rest of us, are we ready to listen?

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